Terms of Trade
Booking Fee

A booking fee is not a deposit and is to be paid within 7 days of contact otherwise the service booked might be re booked to a paying customer.
Our booking fee is a fee to say that we will guarantee that we can and will provide you the service that you requested. Once the booking fee is paid it is also a commitment from you that you will continue with the requested service from us. All fees paid are booking fees until the move date, then they become full payment.

You agree to pay our booking fee which is to be paid within 7 days of contact to secure the booking otherwise truck might be double booked or cancelled by us. Full payment to be paid before pick up or unless pre arranged with us.

If the move does not go ahead on the date nominated, there is a cancellation fee as below:

Cancellation fees

  • 100% of booking fee if less than 30 days prior to move
  • 50% of booking fee if between 30 and 60 days prior to move
  • Full refund of booking fee if over 60 days prior to move
  • If you change the date of your move we will endeavour to fit in with your requirements.
  • If you don’t advise us in writing then your booking fee will be taken as a cancellation fee